Thursday, December 4, 2008

Need a corporate identity?

Don’t pay astronomical design agency fees! Get professional design at a fraction of the cost!

Why is it imperative to have a successful logo?
Your logo encompasses the message, service, product and image of your business, all in one. Companies are known to pay thousands of rands for a good brand name and logo. In order for people to remember a business, creating a successful logo is of great importance, and is worth the money spent. A logo is the "image" that says something about its owners. Companies are wise in carefully selecting a logo that will give the right impression. Quality, high standards, and integrity are important to most businesses, and the last thing you want or need, is a logo that compromises your image.

Graphic Design Guru has access to an extensive range of pre-designed logos and can therefore provide you with outstanding designs at affordable prices.

Do you need a:
Compliment Slip
Business Card

I can give you all of this for only R7 300. That’s not a lot, if you consider that you will be buying an identity that will last you a lifetime. If you invest in a brand image that works, it can continue working for you for decades.

So give me a call on 072 435 7189 or drop me an e-mail at

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